Higher purpose

Renew · Reinvent · Create with Excellence

At CIU we realize that business is a privilege.  We are dedicated to providing our employees, customers and environment with policies that preserve and protect sustainability.

At CIU we’ve always believed in conducting business that honors life.

Paving or planting, we shape the spaces that sustain us.

We turn raw materials into machines that advance a chain of livelihoods - from supplier to dealer, from our customers to their consumers, from ourselves to our communities.

We Innovate on behalf of productivity, profitability, and planet - not with solutions in search of a problem, but with revolutions that elevate all lives that our company touches.

With the dignity that makes us CIU, we honor nature, run our factories with care, and strive to support the people who trust us.  Working together to design and delight, test and train, outperform and overcome through our dedicated efforts so all life benefits.  

Our relationships with farmers, builders, dealers, doers, and makers motivate our employees to work in good faith, build sustaining relationships, and serve the hard-working people of the world.