Dump Trailer Kits

Dump trailers make hauling scrap, waste, debris away easy. Dump trailers use a unique scissor hydraulic lift system to lift the trailer bed so you can quickly unload your trailer. There is no heavy lifting or jumping into the trailer to unload everything.
3 sizes available: 3 Ton, 6 Ton & 10 Ton AgKNX dump trailer kits includes:
● Hydraulic Power Unit
● Hoist Assembly (steel frame and hydraulic cylinder)
● Hydraulic Hose Assembly (6.5’ each)
● Hydraulic Fittings
● Failure preventative valve
● Safety Arm
● Remote control with (5’ cable)

SKURatingPressure Power Cycle Time
26-2003 Ton2320 psi2.2 kw22 sec
26-2016 Ton2320 psi2.2 kw40 sec
26-20210 Ton2320 psi2.2 kw50 sec